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Bill Sterns Sports Newsreel

Bill Stern was an inventor, an original in sports broadcasting. He was the first person to do live remotes of sporting events, and the first to do a live telecast of a baseball game. In 1937, NBC hired him to host The Colgate Sports Newsreel and Friday night boxing on radio.

Stern was in a bad car accident in 1935, which resulted in one of his legs having to be amputated. Unfortunately, he became addicted to painkillers, which caused him many health problems in his later years. He was involved in a few controversies during his career, including reporting that a newspaper had reported that the St. Louis Browns cut a deal to lose its first World Series. He later apologized and expressed regret. Stern embroiled himself in the great controversial debate over which baseball player invented the curveball.

Stern's influence on the field of sports broadcasting is easily recognized on the radio newsreels. He blended a fast-talking vaudevillian style with theatrical pauses, and he honed a flair for punctuating particular words with perfect timing to achieve full over-the-top effect. Listeners felt like they were there in the stadiums, at baseball fields, and at ringside for boxing matches. He told incredible personal interest stories about athletes, and welcomed celebrities to his broadcasts, The Colgate Shave Cream Sports Newsreel , including Lena Horne, Henny Youngman, baseball great Lou Gehrig, Frank Sinatra, Connie Mack, George Raft, Hoagy Carmichael, Casey Stengel, and many more.

There are 121 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Guest Harry James September 12, 1942
Guest Bill Welshel October 24, 1942
Guest Madeline Carroll April 17, 1943
Guest Dunninger September 22, 1944
Guest Ellery Queen September 1, 1944
Guest Constance Bennett March 17, 1944
Guest Charlie Spivak August 31, 1945
Guest Danny Kaye September 6, 1945
Guest Brace Beemer September 14, 1945
Guest Pat Obrien October 5, 1945
Guest Tommy Dorsey November 9, 1945
Guest Frank Sinatra November 23, 1945
Guest Joe Louis December 7, 1945
Guest Elsa Maxwell December 14, 1945
Guest Eddie Rickenbacker August 17, 1945
Guest Joan Edwards August 3, 1945
Guest Byron Nelson July 27, 1945
Guest Lena Horne April 6, 1945
Guest Larry Mcphail April 20, 1945
Guest Henny Youngman April 27, 1945
Guest Kathleen Windsor June 15, 1945
Guest Alan Jones June 22, 1945
HV Kaltenborne Subs July 6, 1945
HV Kaltenborne Subs July 13, 1945
Guest Ezra Stone December 21, 1945

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